On this page current projects are listed exclusively. Please see the archive for more on completed projects.

Logo Project Name Funded by Unit Contact
BIG Edward Curry
Clique UIMR Conor Hayes
Cloud4SOA UDI2, DEG Giovanni Tummarello
COST Action IC0801 on Agreement Technologies URQ Axel Polleres USCS Siegfried Handschuh
Fadi Maali - IRCSET DEG Deirdre Lee
Generic Adaptive Middleware for Behavior-driven Autonomous Services USM Manfred Hauswirth
LDS - Linked Data Solutions TIDA DAI Yolanda Cobos
Learnovate Centre DAI Marc Mellotte
Linked2Media DEG Deirdre Lee
Linked2Safety DHCLS Ratnesh Sahay
Líon 2 Stefan Decker
LOD Around The Clock Michael Hausenblas
LOD2 UDI2 Giovanni Tummarello
MUMIA UNLP Paul Buitelaar
Net2 USCS Siegfried Handschuh
ODPP Richard Cyganiak
Open Source Blueprint for large scale self-organizing cloud environments for IoT Applications USM Dr. Martin Serrano
Owen Sacco - IRCSET IRCSET USS John Breslin
PARSEME UNLP Paul Buitelaar
Participative Research labOratory for Multimedia and Multilingual Information Systems UNLP Paul Buitelaar
Puzzled by Policy DEG Deirdre Lee
REFINE - REsearch expertise FINdEr DAI Ioannis Parapontis
Renaud Delbru IRCSET UDI2 Renaud Delbru
Sabrina Kirrane IRCSET URQ Sabrina Kirrane
SeDiCi TTP: Anti Phishing using Trusted Third Party & Zero Knowledge Proof DAI Marc Mellotte
Semantic Service Provisioning for the Internet of Things using Future Internet Research by Experiment UIMR, USM, USS Manfred Hauswirth
SIFEM DHCLS Ratnesh Sahay
SociaLens UIMR Conor Hayes
Stokes SFI Lecturer USCS Siegfried Handschuh
Super Stream Collider Experimentation on Fed4FIRE Infrastructure USM Dr. Martin Serrano
Super Stream Collider: Linked Stream Mashups for Everyone USM Dr. Martin Serrano
Ted Vickey - IRCSET IRCSET USS Ted Vickey
Virtualized programmable InTerfAces for smart, secure and cost-effective IoT depLoyments in smart cities USM Dr. Martin Serrano