Our Technology

The technologies we create at DERI are a great way to get an appreciation of how our research can be used to drive societal and economic impact. The institute has produced a broad spectrum of technologies with commercial potential, applicable to both horizontal and vertical markets.

This section of the web site showcases a selection of the available technologies. It also indicates how they might be applied, the nature of the intellectual property, and routes to commercialisation, licencing options and technical maturity.

For each of our technologies we indicate:

  • Nature of the Intellectual Property e.g. Knowhow, Copyrights and/or Patents.
  • Routes to commercialisation: Technologies may be commercialised through Spinouts, Licences or through collaborative applied research projects. Spinouts are new commercial entities formed specifically to generate an economic impact from one or more of our technologies.
  • Licencing Options may include: Commercial Proprietary, Open Source. Commercial licences will typically also include “Fields of Use”, “Exclusivity” and “Sublicensing” provisions
  • Technical Maturity: Some technologies are ready for licencing today, others may be subject to ongoing research and development and others may be suitable for an applied research project.

Please feel free to contact DERI’s dedicated Commercialisation Development Manager and any time to discuss your requirements.